Document Generation
Form Automation

Generate seamless documents with form automation

Use powerful form workflows to generate custom contracts, proposals, invoices, and other documents.

An easy-to-use form automation solution

An optimized document generation process starts with the information you collect. Automate your document creation with sleek online forms that can be completed anywhere.

Turn form data into documents

Formstack makes form automation and document generation easy with the help of powerful features.
Streamline data capture
Streamline data capture

Create and publish your forms from scratch or start with a premade template to initiate form workflows. All our forms are mobile-friendly and can be completed anywhere.

Generate dynamic documents
Generate dynamic documents

Pair your forms with Formstack Documents to feed data into custom PDFs, Word documents, Excel sheets, and PowerPoint presentations in seconds.

Manage your files anywhere
Manage your files anywhere

Use automated delivery tools to keep your processes fast and efficient. Send documents to Formstack Sign for signature, attach them to a Salesforce record, and more.

Streamline data capture
Create smarter workflows

Create personalized experiences for customers with the help of dynamic features such as conditional logic, data routing, images, and more.

Put processes on autopilot
Put processes on autopilot

Automate your document generation with triggers such as changes in project status, the creation of new Salesforce records, or payment submission.

Protect your information
Protect your information

Ensure your forms and documents stay secure with powerful security features such as encryption, password protection, and various types of compliance.

Seamless forms workflow example

With Formstack, you can automate your form and document processes from start to finish. Here's an example of how you can use online forms to streamline your sales proposal process.

Emily completes a sales form on your company’s website. Her information is routed to a member of your sales team, who sets up a meeting to go over her needs. After her initial consultation, Emily completes a proposal form to provide final details on her requirements.


Emily's info is populated into a pre-built proposal automatically. After the document is generated, it is sent to the sales rep for review before being routed to Emily for signature via Formstack Sign.


After the proposal has been signed, it is automatically attached to Emily’s record in Salesforce. This ensures that the sales rep has fast, easy access to her data. No manual data entry required!


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